Frequently Asked Questions V 23 February 2017

1. What Gift Cards does Easy Shopping Cards sell?

Electronic Gift Cards:  BCF, Coles, David Jones, Kmart, Rebel, Supercheap and Woolworths

Classic Gift Cards:  ESC has partnered with Loyalty Program Stars to offer an LPS Voucher to purchase a Classic Gift Card for Customers and Staff Rewards & Incentives - by prior arrangement with Cassie – ring 0400 232 456

2. How do I shop?

  1. Funds into Wallet
  2. Wallet Available Balance
  3. Place your Order - select Wallet or Voucher as the payment option in the Checkout depending on how you have uploaded funds
  4. Immediately receive your eGift Cards by email AND your Android or iPhone APP.   NB:  Your eGift Cards are also stored inside your ESC Account

You transfer funds into your Wallet by Direct Bank Transfer, Credit Card or eShop Vouchers code.  Immediately the Wallet is reconciled to these payments the funds will show in your Wallet.

Now you shop!  After the funds appear as a Wallet Available Balance in your Wallet.  Just like a Debit Card!  The easyshoppingcards App is a quick and easy way to check this.

3.   What is the quickest way to get my eGift Cards?

Instantly:  Transfer funds into your Wallet by Credit Card or eShop Vouchers code.

Within Hours:  Direct Deposit into Commonwealth Bank.  Immediately the Wallet is reconciled to these payments the funds show in your Wallet.  Check your App to see when funds arrive.  Order.  Receive eGift Cards.

Within 24 to 48 Hours:   Direct Bank Transfer from a non-CBA bank.  Subject to their processing times.

 NB:  You may find the Standing Order option a convenient way to shop as it creates & ships your order when your bank remittance advice is received saving you time.  See FAQ's 16 & 17 for more information.

Urgently:   Email a copy of your Remittance Advice and a temporary credit will be put in place so you may shop immediately, even though ESC has not yet received your funds.  

4.   What is my Wallet?

Your Wallet is your Debit Account when shopping with ESC.

The Wallet has two sections: 

  1. Wallet Cash - Direct Bank Transfers & Credit Card payments
  2. Wallet Voucher – eShop Vouchers codes

5.  How do I pay into my Wallet?

  1. Credit Card (incurs a 1.8% Surcharge).  Authentication required for 1st time use.  Use Existing Card for future payments.
  2. Direct Bank Transfer to Commonwealth Bank Account:

                      Account Name:   ESC Trading Pty Ltd

                       BSB:                   064 129  

                      Account No:       1055 3887

                    NB:  Bank Reference is your ESC account number and your SURNAME  - enter exactly as shown in red.  (NB:  So the automatic crawler can read your advice & allocate funds correctly you must include capital letters for ESC & your number - NO space! Then leave a space & include your SURNAME)

  1. eShop Voucher code/s purchased from your Shopping Community.

6.  What is my Bank Reference?

Directs your funds to your Wallet or your Standing Order.  Enter the Bank Reference into your Direct Bank Transfer exactly as shown in instructions as you proceed through the payment process as anything you add may confuse and slow down the process.  Ie:  No spaces or dashes or additional letters between the ESC & ST & make sure you use capital letters, but please use a space between this identification & your SURNAME.

  1. Funds into Wallet:  Quote Your ESC Account Number followed by Your Surname  eg:       ESC123  SMITH
  2. Standing Order when created:  Quote Your relevant Standing Order Number followed by Your Surname and   eg       ST85  JONES

NB:  Including an accurate Bank Reference is vital when you Direct Bank Transfer funds into your Wallet or Standing Order as the latest technology searches this Reference and determines where funds go.  There are currently 2 Bank References to choose from but depending on your type of payment, you will be given the exact wording for that type of payment within the order process.  

7.  How do I use my Wallet?


  1. Wallet Available Balance:  Cleared funds from a credit card payment &/or direct bank transfer.  Now place your order.
  2. Pending Balance:  The amount you intend to Direct Bank Transfer. You then transfer money via your bank transfer process & wait for your funds to appear in Wallet Available Balance.
  3. Voucher Balance:   Total eShop Vouchers codes entered. You may enter as many eShop Vouchers codes as you like and they will add to the Vouchers Balance total as you enter the codes.  Now place your order.

8.  Do I always have to go into my Wallet to load it?

Once set up, your internet banking software should remember Your ESC Account Number followed by Your SURNAME as the Bank Reference as the default for future transfers.

 You may load your Wallet with funds at any time.  Simply transfer the funds and wait for the Wallet Available Balance to show the amount available. The App is brilliant for this as it is quick and easy to check regularly.  

9.  How do I pay at the checkout?

  1. Wallet Cash:  Cleared funds. Order sent immediately.
  2. Vouchers:      Cleared funds from eShop Vouchers codes. Order sent immediately.

10.  Why must my Credit Card be Authenticated before ordering?

Your credit card requires a one-off Authentication prior to first use as a security measure against fraud.  When completed, you may shop quickly and easily using this card as the details are stored securely inside your ESC account.  Future shopping will be USE EXISTING CARD with the last 4 digits shown.  There is an option for a second card to be Authenticated.

11. How is my Credit Card Authenticated?

You need to access your email account and credit card account.

  1. Go to My Wallet
  2. Choose Authenticate Card or NEW CARD button.
  3. Fill in the credit card number, expiry date and CVV fields
  4. Click AUTHENTICATE button.
  5. You will then be contacted by the administrator to verify your account.  If Urgent - Ring Cassie on 0400 232 456 to confirm your information & have your credit card enabled
  6. Once instructed: Go to your email account to retrieve an alphanumeric code
  7. Go to your credit card account to find the small amount of money eg $0.88 that ESC has charged to your credit card
  8. Go back to the ESC My Wallet Credit Card Authentication site and enter both the alphanumeric code and the amount charged to your credit card
  9. Confirm your details
  10. You have completed the one-off Authentication process

NB:  As only YOU have access to both your email account and your credit card account, you are now protected from any unauthorised use of your credit card. The small amount charged to your credit card will be credited to your Wallet. 

If you are adding or changing a credit card you may also need to cancel an old credit card.  Ring or email Cassie to do this.  0400 232 456 or

12. How do I Shop using my Authenticated Credit Card?

Before you place your order, load your Wallet with funds by entering the total amount you want to shop with.  The 1.8% credit card surcharge is added automatically. Only enter the amount you want to show in your Wallet.

 13. How do I generate an eShop Vouchers Code?

Go to your Shopping Community Checkout and select eShop Voucher Codes.  This is the ESC “currency” you shop with on the ESC website.  Purchase the amount of eShop Vouchers codes in any denomination to the total value of your order.  You do not need individual eShop Vouchers codes to match the denominations of your eGift Cards. A $500 eShop Vouchers code may be split over many different eGift Cards.

14. Do I have to place a separate order for each eShop Vouchers code?

You may enter as many eShop Vouchers codes as you like into your Wallet and they will add to the Vouchers Balance total as you enter the codes.   You then shop for any mixture of eGift Cards with Regular Benefits.

 15. Why can’t I pay for BCF, David Jones, Rebel and Supercheap eGift Cards with eShop Vouchers codes?

You receive Superior member benefits ie 5% Cashback and 1 Shopping Point/$150 when you purchase BCF, David Jones, Rebel and Supercheap eGift Cards. eShop Vouchers codes have Regular member benefits of 1% Cashback and 1 Shopping Point per $150 spent.

When you purchase BCF, David Jones, Rebel and Supercheap eGift Cards from funds loaded into your Wallet by direct bank transfer or credit card, you receive Superior member benefits.

16. What is a Standing Order?

 A one-step process of ordering the same type and value of eGift Cards eg: 2 x $300 Woolworths Wish eGift Cards. Any card combination, any amount, whenever you want.  You may have multiple Standing Orders to suit your ordering needs.  Only available for bank deposit transfers.

17. How do I set-up a Standing Order?

  • Log onto website at My Account on top right of Home Page
  • My Standing Orders from the menu options on the left hand side
  • Create New Standing Order button
  • Fill in the fields
  • A Standing Order Number is assigned
  • Your Standing Order may be edited when necessary

 NB:  Your bank reference must be the Standing Order Number (with a capital ST) assigned to that exact order, followed byYour SURNAME exactly as shown.  Leave a space between your ST number & your surname, but no other spaces or dashes or additional information.

18. How do I download the ESC App for my Android/Samsung or iOS Apple phone? 

  • Go to Play Store or Apple Store on your Smartphone
  • Enter easyshoppingcards (all one word) in the Search field and install
  • Click on the 3 bar icon top left
  • Account Details and logon as usual  

19. Where may I use my eGift Cards?

Your eGift Cards may be used at participating retailers within Australia.

20. Will my eGift Cards have an expiry date?

eGift Cards have expiry dates which vary from brand to brand.  Woolworths has NO expiry date.  Coles Group and Super Retail Group and David Jones have an expiry date of 36 months.

21. Is there a minimum order?

Order eGift Cards in any of the denominations offered and there is no minimum order. Special Orders may be placed by emailing to request a larger amount of a particular eGift Card. 

22. What are the best tips for using Gift Cards?

  • Purchase a Gift Card you can easily use, at a shop you already know
  • Use it as soon as you can
  • Spend the entire pre-loaded amount but this does not need to be in a single shop as your balance remains
  • Take a photo of the important Gift Card numbers when you receive your card

23. What delivery time can I expect? 

Your eGift Card will be delivered instantly if you:

  • Have sufficient funds in your Wallet
  • Have sufficient funds in your Voucher account

If your order or part-order is not in stock, back-orders will be delivered as soon as possible.

 24. What is a Credit Card Surcharge?  

A Credit Card Surcharge is a fee for handling Credit Card and Debit Card facilities, calculated on the total amount of your order and destination fee if applicable. It is charged once per order, 1.8% on the total purchase amount, GST Free.   ESC uses Stripe as the payment gateway and their charges to ESC are:  1.7% of the total price plus $0.33 per transaction.

25. What is a Destination Fee?

A destination fee covers the cost of processing and delivering Classic Gift Cards.  The Fee may vary between Orders and is arranged by emailing

26. What if I want to return my Gift Card?

Gift Cards may not be returned as they are like cash.

Once the Gift Cards are in your possession, they should be treated as cash and kept in a secure, protected location. ESC takes no responsibility for lost or stolen Gift Cards. You should check your Order as soon as you receive it and if there is any discrepancy, please contact ESC immediately by email at

27. What if I want to get cash back out of my Wallet?

Funds in the Wallet are non-refundable and may be shopped off at any time.

28. What if my Gift Cards haven’t arrived?

If your eGift Cards haven't arrived within a reasonable time frame, please check your email Spam Folder or Junk Mail Folder.  Check the email address on your order was correct. If you need help, contact ESC by email at  You always have immediate access to the eGift Cards by downloading the cards after logging into your ESC account and going to My Orders and My eCards.

If your Classic Gift Cards haven't arrived within a reasonable time frame, please contact ESC by email at

29. What happens if my eGift Cards are lost or stolen?

Once the eGift Cards are in your possession, treat them like cash and keep them in a secure place because they cannot be replaced if they are lost or stolen. ESC takes no responsibility for any Gift Cards once they have been delivered.

30. What if my Classic Gift Cards are lost or stolen?

Some Classic Gift Cards are able to be replaced if lost or stolen.  Processing and delivery fees apply for creating duplicate Classic Gift Cards.  ESC takes no responsibility for any Gift Cards once they have been delivered.

31. What shall I do if I’m having difficulties shopping with my eGift Card?

Ask the Supervisor at the Store to contact the Customer Services number located as detailed on the card. It is the Store’s responsibility that you are able to use your eGift Card.

32. How do I know the balance on my Gift Card?

Log onto the Gift Card brand website as per details on the card. 

33. Is there GST on Gift Cards?

Gift Cards are GST Free because they are used as cash in the retailer they belong to.  The purchases you make with the cards may be subject to GST.

34. Is there GST on the Credit Card Surcharge?

The Credit Card Surcharge is GST Free.

35. Is there GST on the Destination Fee?

The Destination Fee is GST Free.

36. Where is my Tax Invoice?

The Order is your Tax Invoice and details your purchases and GST.

37. Do I get a Tax Invoice for my Wallet deposit?

Loading funds into your Wallet does not create a purchase therefore you do not receive a Tax Invoice at this time.

 38. Why is there an Administration Fee on the Woolworths WISH eGift Cards?

There is an Administration Fee on every product sold, but under the Woolworths Terms and Conditions we must detail that ESC sells the Woolworths WISH eGift Card at the same price we have purchased it and then an Administration Fee is applied.  

39. What is the Administration Fee Used For?

A small part of the Administration Fee is used by ESC to cover costs of running the website and the business.  The bulk of the Administration Fee is used to distribute the ESC Member's discount to their Affiliate Groups.  This amount may vary from product to product depending on the amount of discount ESC has secured for its members.

40. What Do the Affiliate Groups Do With Their Share of the Administration Fee?

When an Affiliate Group is paid their share of the Administration Fee by ESC the funds are distributed by the Group as per their member agreements and typically this is used for payment to the member plus the Charities, Foundations and Friends in the Shopping Community that the Affiliate Group supports.

41. Can I Pay a Smaller Administration Fee?

On request, ESC will pay the amount that is normally paid to the Affiliate Group to the ESC member, thereby reducing the Administration Fee.  Contact Cassie Summers on 0400 232 456 or email and provide the details of the nominated bank account where you would like the funds deposited.