Are you thinking of building a shed or large structure As a Shopping Community member, you'd love to earn your member benefits on such a large purchase.

Now you can.

Shed Deals by Design works with you as a Shopping Community member to find the shed struture of your choice and include your Shopping Community member benefits..
Building a shed or large structure is an important decision, taking into account council regulations, placement on your land, size of structure and its purpose.
The Shed Deals By Design Representative will work with you to choose the shed structure that really suits you.
Shed Deals By Design provides the perfect way to purchase the shed structure of your choice and earn our Shopping Community member benefits.

It’s easy. Two easy steps to purchase a car through your Shopping Community merchant to earn your Shopping Community member benefits.

Step 1
Fill in the Shed Deals By Design Expression of Interest form, on this page. This is where you can be specific as to exactly which shed structure you would like to purchase. Be sure to enter your best time of day and which day of the week for the Shed Deals By Design Representative to contact you.
Click the Submit button.
Step 2
The Shed Deals By Design Representative will ring you to discuss your shed structure plans on the day and at the time that suits you. Whether you have Council approval or need finance, all situations will be considered and worked through for a successful purchase of a shed structure with your Shopping Community member benefits.

The Shed Deals By Design Representative can build virtually every type, dimension, roof shape or size of shed structure anywhere in Australia, especially for you. 
Housing Options or Airplane Hangars.

Do you require Council Approval?
Are you a cash buyer?
Do you prefer finance?

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Terms & Conditions

I understand:
I will receive a call from a Representative of Shed Deals By Design and may not approach the Representative until contacted

The price, once agreed on, may not be negotiated further.

The value of supporting my shopping community.
I will sign and return all documents within 36 hours to proceed. 
Minimum deposit $750 by credit charge or direct deposit. 
Member benefits will be paid when the process is completely finalised. 
Member benefits will be paid on base price and accessories. 
Member benefits will not be paid on government charges or on-road costs.

Note: These terms have been arrived at to simplify and clarify  the purchasing model in regard to vehicles.
   I agree to the above Terms & Conditions